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B&H MOTORCYCLES Ltd. offers a wide range of services for the motorcycle rider and builder.

Currently B&H MOTORCYCLES Ltd. offers these services: Chopper building, Harley Davidson tuning, complete exhaust system fabrication (built to your specification), Servicing & repairs on Harley Davidson motorcycles, standard motorcycle repairs and servicing, custom work, servicing and custom parts. We will work on any machine within reason, we are not exclusively Harley Davidson.

B&H are also local for all your Motocross and Scooter parts and needs.



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  • B&H not only offer custom building and servicing but also specialise in having your bike painted to perfection with our in-house airbrush artist. Simply you tell us what you would like to see painted on your bike and we will help you decide how it is to be done and paint it on your bike whether its simply pinstriping or very detailed portraits we can do it.
  • B&H also specialise in tuning your Harley Davidson, offering a full range of tuning and performance parts to order, cylinder head porting service available, custom stainless steel exhaust systems made to exactly how you want it and to give optimal performance, cylinder head setups for uprating cams, complete engine rebuilds. CV carb performance service. Carburettor, fuel injection and ignition systems set up professionally on our local dyno facility for maximum performance from your engine with print-outs.

  • B&H is your number one for fabrication, able to fabricate anything you can imagine from crazy handlebars to mudguards, you want it and we can do it. Take a look at our image gallery to see what we can do.

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About Us


In 2000 Haward Boswell decided that the custom builder and Harley Davidson
owners had need of a place in Cornwall that offered a complete service,
such as parts, servicing, custom building, repair work etc.
So the effort was made to put together the sort of one stop shop that it
was thought custom builders would like to see.

With some help from various friends, that want to see the venture succeed,
the shop was built that you can visit and see various parts on display.

You can relax with a drink while you study the various catalogues and then place your order. A fully fitted workshop was constructed where the bikes are lovingly cared for.

The company consists of obviously H the Boss in control of everything, Julie his wife keeping all the accounts and funds under control also H's boys who have been with him since the start, both always had a great interest in bikes and both had been riding bikes since they can remember; Andrew being the workshop mechanic and fabricator and Terry being in the shop covering the advertising, website, computer and phones.



Contact Us

Managing Director: Haward Boswell
Email: bnhmotorcycles@btconnect.com
Tel: 01726 824256
Mob: 07768 334818

Mechanic/Fabricator: Andrew Boswell
Email: bnhmotorcycles@btconnect.com
Tel: 01726 824256

Accounts/Credit Control: Julie Boswell
Email: bnhmotorcycles@btconnect.com
Tel: 01726 824256

Marketing Manager: Terry Boswell
Email: terry@bnh-motorcycles.co.uk
Tel: 01726 824256
Mob: 07890 892155


Address & Details

B&H Motorcycles Ltd, North Road, Whitemoor,

St Austell, Cornwall, PL26 7XN
Tel: 01726 824256
Email: bnhmotorcycles@btconnect.com
Website: www.bnh-motorcycles.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BandHMotorcycles
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/BNHMotorcyclesLtd